Dad Bod

According to Urban Dictionary the definition for "Dad Bod" is as follows:

"Dad bod" is a male body type that is best described as "softly round." It's build upon the theory that once a man has found a mate and fathered a child, he doesn't need to worry about maintaining a sculpted physique.

Recently, I got to work with an actual dad who physically challenged the definition of "dad bod" putting its Urban Dictionary definition to the way side. It was fun and it was something different for me, but as I worked with Jeff I began to realize that this photo shoot is everything Baleros Photography wants to be.

As a photographer I dare to be different.
As a photographer I choose to take risk.

That's exactly what Jeff and I did last week. The result of that is a collection both of us are pleased with.

The idea of this shoot comes from the fact that Jeff is a dad and has managed to keep his physique pretty high up for someone in his 40s. Yup, his 40s. I'm excited to potentially work with him again, but keep your eyes on the look out because he will be having a fitness/lifestyle blog starting soon geared towards "dad bods".

Also, thank you to Tacoma Strength for allowing me to use their location for this fitness shoot. It was just the cherry on top to this collection.